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Pelea family home with 5 dead people; the police derived the murderer

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A strong one discussion familiar finished en tragedy in the city of New York because one of its members cannot contain its burden to take a white weapon to start atacar to your relatives, a situation that made you five personas muertasincluding the attacker who died at the hands of the police.

The asesinato was registered during the night of this Saturday in a house located in the Bronx. When the neo-Yorquino uniforms entered the scene of the crime, the attacker received them in an aggressive manner which brought them to two wounded police officers with the short-handed weapon that he carried to kill his family members.

The assino of his family hirió to 2 policies. Photo: Archive

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Why did the man come to his family in NY?

Of the four people that the man left, two of them were younger than 11 and 12 years old, and at this moment the investigators have not yet determined the suspect’s reasons for acting, which seem to indicate a family dispute of the moment, according to information from the AFP agency.

The multi-homicide took place in a busy neighborhood in the center of the megacity, Far Rockaway, where the police was called the crime of the Sunday for one of the victims, “a young person who said that the first time he had to kill members of his family”, described the police officer, Jeffrey Maddrey.

The attacker uses a white weapon to attack his family in NY. Photo: Archive

Upon arriving at the residence, two agents encountered a man and questioned him. Luego, the 38 year old man attacked him and left him with a cuchillo, before one of them policies he will shoot them and hit him mortally.

In this place, the policy was first discovered by a child of 11 years seriously herido in front of the house, who later died in the hospital. In the interior, in two rooms, they were encountered by others tres personas fallecidas“A 12-year-old boy, a 44-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man,” said the head of New York’s police inspectors, Joseph Kenny.

Another victim, 61 years old, with serious injuries, was hospitalized. The policies were also hospitalized but their lives are not dangerous, according to the policy. The suspect, resident in the district of Bronxwas known to the police for a previous case of domestic violence.

With information from AFP.

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