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Payaso Rodeo will give free mega baile CDMX hourly where everyone should know

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The outcome of “Caballo Dorado” is eternal, it is nothing strange that its songs have been heard over the years through fiestas, days and fifteenth years. Now, with its success “Payaso de Rodeo” the City of Mexico seeks to engage in a recreational activity in one of the most emblematic enclosures of the CDMX.

The actions will form part of the Festival de Cierre of the “Pilares” program, in the activity all families and interested parties in general can participate. It’s time to unpack your buttons, put on your sombrero and get on the slopes to highlight the best steps in the area.

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The story of this Mexican classic dates back to the year 1995, when the group “Caballo Dorado” launched its production titled “Carretera 54”, which included songs such as “No more breaks” and “Payaso de Rodeo“, both were Spanish versions of “Achy Breaky Heart” and “Don’t tell my heart”, by Billy Ray Cyrus and The Marcy Brothers respectively.

The group released its release in 1995, with EU covers
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Where and where the megabaile will be on CDMX

The citation for all the dancers and dancers will be on the plancha of the Monument to the Revolution, located in the alcaldía Cuauhtémoc. The date is next December 9th. If you want to participate in a more formal way in the activity, you must attend to a Pilares plant and learn the choreography.

The estimated time for it mega baile This is at 5pm, so it is recommended that participants arrive early to meet their block. From acuerdo with the organizers, it is calculated that there is one participation of more than 2 million people in the enclosure.

The construction of a network of Points of Innovation, Libertad, Arte, Educación y Saberes (PILARES) is an integral implementation strategy that seeks to strengthen the social tejido in the most vulnerable communities of the world City of Mexico.

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