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Passengers live minutes of terror being caught in the Russian mountains in Japan

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Visitors to the Universal Studios entertainment park Japan They experienced a few minutes of terror, when a mountain roared me and found out what caused the users to marvel in horror at their mouth below at more than 45 meters above sea level for more than an hour.

The images caused an impact after seeing them 32 passengers they are capturing the attraction Flying Dinosaur After that the mechanical game will end in the middle of the road, this is in the city of Osaka. The authorities of this diversion park reported that the mountain was intended to create an emergency parade when visitors reached the maximum height of the attraction.

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The 32 passengers were enjoying the Flying Dinosaur attraction. Photo: X

The trick happened when the Flying Dinosaur mechanical game was discovered at the end of the course. The passengers were rescued successfully by the workers of the same park, then they were transported to a safe place using an emergency ladder, the rescue lasted approximately 45 minutes and it was reported that no one was injured.

They reviewed the activities one hour and a half later

The engineers of the diversion park were willing to fix the leak in the mountain road within an hour and average of the warnings indicated that the journey in this attraction was safe and allowed other users to suffer. On the other hand, the company that operates these games does not know the exact cause of the malfunction.

This is not the first time that this type of accident has happened in this mountain in 2016, which was when it was inaugurated and suffered a series of accidents in recent years. In May 2018, 64 passengers left their mouths under during two hours.

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