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Palestinian poet dies during Israeli bombing in Gaza

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The Palestinian poet Refaat Alareera distinguished figure of a generation of fictional authors who wrote in English to recount the history of the territory, died during a Israeli bomberplease read the attachments.

“The doctor Refaat Alareer was sent to Israel. Refaat was one of the founders ofWe are not numbersIt’s a very good friend. He wrote many books and decades of stories about Gaza. The asesinato of Refaat is tragic, painful and indignant. It’s a great loss,” wrote the journalist Ahmed Alnaouq en X.

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El Minister of Health in Gazacontrolled by Hamás, had been informed about deadly bombings carried out at night in the north of the territory.

“My heart is broken. My friend and my colleague Refaat Alareer was asesinated just after one minute with his family”, wrote the gazatí poet on Facebook Mosab Abu Toha.

A life dedicated to Gaza

Professor of English literature in la Islamic University of GazaAlareer was co-founder of the project “We are not numbers”, which joined the authors with “mentors” in the outside world who helped them write in English about their reality.

Edited the book “Gaza writes back“, a compendium of chronicles about life in this territory written by young authors, and published “Gaza unsilenced“. A few days after the start of the Israeli land offensive, Alreader said that he was unable to leave the north of France, the epicenter of the combats.

The poem “If I must die” has great relevance in social circles. Photo: X / itranslate

I also published in X a poem that went viral under the title “If I must die” (“Si he de morir”): “Si he de morir, que traiga esperanza, que sea un cuento”, they say in their last verses.

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