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Palestine is looking for survivors in Navidad among the bombardment that made up to 70 people

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Summer Navidad en Palestine the authorities continue to search for sobrevivientes among the escombros who took the attack of one bombardious that they suffered refugees in an Al Maghazi camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip where at least 70 people were killed by the fire.

The attack also destroyed “a block of life”, according to the Ministry of Health of Hamas, the balance can be confirmed by an independent source. The Israeli Army said it “examined” the information it received about this “incident” and said it included “possible measures to minimize harm to civilians,” according to information from AFP.

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The war in the Gaza Strip continues since October. Photo: Archive

There are more than 20 million 600 deaths in Gaza

The Israeli Army bombarded the Gaza Strip following the Hamás attack on Israeli territory on October 7th, resulting in one thousand 140 people killed, mainly civilians, under Israeli authorities, reprisals in which more than 20 million 600 people died , following the governance of Hamas.

In the refugee camp bombed above the rest of the destroyed houses, you can see destroyed water deposits, wired electrical cables and broken trees, as shown in the AFP images. A group of men searches for all the survivors around the escombros. Others try to console a man who is waiting for him.

Ziad Awad escaped from the attack, where damage was compared to “an earthquake”. “I survived the massacre. I was inside and safe with my children,” he told AFP. “They bombed a house on the side. Like many, he was “surprised by the bombardment of houses” and claims that he received “no warning”.

The Al Maghazi refugee camp in the Fraja de Gaza was destroyed. Photo: Archive

In Gaza “no place is safe”: inhabitants

House by house, the inhabitants of the camp inspect the damage caused by the nocturnal bombardment. The small piece called “Comestibles de los martyrs” is played with the derumbarse until it has been ruined by the impact. Displaced Palestinians who took refuge in the fighting in the north by the Israeli army and the Hamás fighters took refuge in locations further south, such as Maghazi.

This is the case of Rawan Manasra, originally from Beit Hanoun, whose life was ruined by the war. “Ellos (the Israeli army) mataron a mis cinco hermanos. Ya no tengo hermanos. Los mataron a ellos, a sus hijos ya sus esposas”, she laments.

“Every day there are bombs. No place is safe. They say that we move from the north to the south. We persiguen and attack”: Rawan Manasra.

Decades of recovered bodies from the Al Maghazi refugee camp were transferred to the superpopulated hospital in Deir el-Balah, in the center of the Gaza Strip, and were placed on the ground of the building’s patio.

With information from AFP.

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