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Pakistan Power Crisis: Neither milk nor biryani will be available after 8.30 pm

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The economic condition of the neighboring country Pakistan ( Pakistan Economy ) remains unhealthy. Here the inflation rate is continuously running around 25% while the country is getting buried under the burden of loans in the energy sector. The condition is that now the government of Pakistan has issued an order to close all the markets of the country at 8.30 pm, while all the marriage halls will also have to be closed at 10 pm.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif announced on Tuesday that the Union Cabinet there has approved the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan, a policy aimed at saving energy. Under this, now the opening time of markets and marriage halls in Pakistan has been reduced.

Briefing the media after the cabinet meeting today, Asif said that marriage halls across Pakistan will not open after 10 pm and markets after 8:30 pm. He claimed that “this plan will change the lifestyle and habits of the people of Pakistan and save us 60 billion rupees.”

Fans will not be made in Pakistan from june

Apart from this, Defense Minister Asif has also announced that

  • Factories making fans that consume more power (120-130 W) will be closed from 1 July.
  • “Filament bulb will not be produced from February 1, by doing this we can save 22 billion rupees”
  • Energy efficient equipment will be installed in all government offices
  • Electronic motorbikes will be brought in the country
  • “Within a year the use of conical geysers will be made mandatory, these geysers use less gas and thus we will be able to save Rs 92 billion.”
  • “Streetlights across the country will be turned on alternately, this will enable us to save 4 billion rupees.”

Pakistan’s Power Division has been quoted in media reports as saying that the circular debt which stood at Rs 2.253 trillion at the end of September last year has now reached Rs 2.437 trillion, an increase of Rs 185 billion.

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