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Pablo Vázquez Camacho: “The city goes well with the strategy it has”

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Pablo Vázquez Camacho, Secretario de Seguridad Ciudadana de la Ciudad de México (CDMX), reported that it was the month with the registry of the least high-impact crimes in the capital of the country, in interview with Blanca Becerril para “Reporte H” which is transmitted via the signal El Heraldo Media Group.

“The city goes well with the strategy it has,” assured Pablo Vázquez Camacho.

The official told them homicides they were reduced by 58% compared to the previous year’s income and even the vehicle belongings with and without violence were at their historical minimum and the seizure was reduced by 80%, as well as the increase in the salary of the police.

Destacó que feminicidios se redujeron 20% Photo: El Heraldo de México

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Pablo Vázquez Camacho: “Black 2024 is the month when fewer crimes have been recorded on CDMX”

Pablo Vázquez Camacho: “We keep all the safety indicators in the correct direction in the CDMX”

Feminicides reduced 20% in the CDMX

Pablo Vázquez Camacho noted that feminicide also showed a reduction of 20% in the capital of the country, also signaling that all the locals presented improvements in terms of perception of safety, I said that you are finalizing the operation for the 8M.

“We always have themes to look forward to, the crime is very dynamic, we keep strategic monitoring”, remarked Pablo Vázquez Camacho.

Pablo Vázquez Camacho I regretted that they are currently working on distinct investigations, in the matter of opening the Secretariat to scrutiny, in the theme of gender, I say that they put a lot of emphasis on highlighting the theme of social reinsertion and attention to the Penitentiary Centers of distinct forms.

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