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Our love affairs: this is how the process works where we win over women to earn money

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In social circles there is a type of state that not many people are aware of its existence. These are people who look for the way through messages conquer to young people or señorasin most divorces or lives that seek a new experience in love, but in the end they are simply a form of save money to then disappear from the reds.

This case was settled by the law Daniela Dominguezwho appeared on the influencer’s podcast pepper&chema for YouTube. Even as a teacher on the day, she presented herself as a “cazadora de romantic estafadores“, people operate through different applications on the internet.

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Fans use their social networks to fall in love with women. Credit: Imagen de master1305 en Freepik

Favors in other parts of the world love women to save money

Thanks to your carrera as abogada, I discovered at some time this type of gang, why I decided to study criminology with specialization in it victimology and criminal politics, as well as certification in areas such as the Sciences of Education, attention and prevention of suicidesperfil criminal, peril of victimscyber security, hackinético, between others. This allowed you to play against the internet.

In his experience he came with one of his friends, who he frequented because he enjoyed spending time with him family. That’s when I told her that she met someone online military cirujano that above all I wanted to go to war, instead of a man missionary en Africa, among other less credible stories. She began with the analysis of the data conversations of your friend, and if God knows that it was a girl.

After several months of talking, they begin to save money. Credit: Imagen de Freepik

With invented tragedies they lead them to pay money to victims, especially women, divorcees or mayors

You can find it on platforms like this Badoobut then they passed by Tinder, among other applications of citas. Hacen for fake fileswith invented informationand normally photographs of the side of the house Internet. Among his investigations of the gangs that operate from there Nigeriaen Africa, people live with up to 20 people at the same time. Some apps included have changed their policies to avoid these scams.

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These are large pieces that can last for a long time six monthswhere they study the form in which they live, tus aspirations, and you dream, play with the information that the suggestions to make you fall in love. Just at the moment where your confidence is best, when they keep the victims well studied, they invent a tragedy like a accidenta secuestroone sick, among other things to pay for money. De acuerdo with Daniela Dominguezthere are women who have already sold their houses to send money.

Daniela Dominguez is an expert in dressing these people. Credit: YouTube / Pepe&chema

The expert advised that once you add a thread in reds with the aim of platigating contigo, and these things come back amorousyou must fit well on it Facebook, in your friends, the songs of likes they keep or the photos they use. You should also doubt them called or videollamadas what you do, you can be videos based on the internetof the things that have nothing to do with this.

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