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Oscar Pistorius: from glory in London 2012 to obtaining his parole for killing his girlfriend

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TO Oscar Pistorius 45 seconds and 44 hundredths were enough for him to go down in history by running the 400 meters at the London 2012 Games, something unprecedented for a double amputee. Just as quickly, his life turned upside down the following year, when he shot and killed his girlfriend.

Ten years after the case that captured global attention, the 37-year-old former South African athlete, convicted of murderwas granted conditional release, which will be effective on January 5.

He was arrested in 2013. Photo: AFP

What did Oscar Pistorius do?

On the night of February 13, 2013, his image as a hero was shattered when it was discovered that he had killed his girlfriend, the model, in his home in Pretoria. Reeva Steenkamp.

The athlete fired four shots through the bathroom door, where the young woman was at the time of the events, at three in the morning, claiming that he mistook her for a thief.

Rich and admired, until that moment the brands were piled up sign contracts with this symbol of improvement, known throughout the world as ‘Blade Runner’, due to the carbon prostheses he wore on both legs.

His participation in the London 2012 Olympic Gamesagainst able-bodied athletes, was the peak of his sporting career and that same year he was proclaimed by the American magazine Time as one of the hundred most influential personalities on the planet.

But the day after the crime, the media machinery focused on this case without comparison.

In a process initially broadcast live on television, the weaknesses of the fallen idol are scrutinized. Pistorius appears angry, sometimes verging on paranoia.

He lived his moment of glory in London 2012. Photo: AFP

How is the Pistorius case going?

According to the new portrait drawn by the media, Pistorius Apparently he is an aggressive man, passionate about speed, a womanizer and, above all, very fond of firearms: the justice system is investigating several incidents, such as when he shot by mistake while handling a gun in a restaurant or when on another occasion he fired to a car in a gesture of anger.

The process extends from March to October 2014. Terribly emotional, the former athlete bursts into tears and vomits on several occasions. He is stubborn and repeats that he never intended to kill Reeva Steenkamp. Destroyed, he asks the victim’s parents for forgiveness.

Sentenced in the first instance to five years in prison, in the appeal trial held in June 2016, a defense psychologist describes him as “a broken man“, who suffers from severe depression syndrome.

“It can be said without a doubt that his fall was terrible,” added the expert, a few days before the former athlete appears before the judge walking on his stumps.

Abandoned by his sponsors, deprived of income, Pistorius is ruined and has to sell his house to pay his lawyers. And the sentence on appeal increases his sentence to 13 years and 5 months in prison. He only has the support of the family clan left.

His sentence was increased to 13 years. Photo: AFP

The athlete’s past

Pistorius He was born without a fibula on November 22, 1986 in Johannesburg and underwent surgery to amputate it below the knees at the age of 11 months.

He learned to walk with a prosthesis and since his childhood he wanted to compete with non-disabled athletes, trying water polo, cricket and boxing.

But the death of his mother when he was 15 was a new trauma. The following year, after a serious knee injury playing rugby, he discovered athletics. Before turning 18, he won his first world medals in the double-leg amputees category.

Little by little, his results and his ambition lead him to ask for admission to competitions for able-bodied athletes, but that leads to a long fight, on and off the track.

It was in London-2012where he reached the semifinals in the 400-meter dash and the final in the 4×400 relay, the peak of a race… that stopped suddenly.

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