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Operative Basílica 2023: which Metrobus stations will provide service?

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Follow the most recent report on the boiler Gustavo A. Maderothey brought it to you Basilica of Guadalupe a total of 4 thousand 463 million pilgrims and it is hoped that by the end of the day they will appear even more.

“We continue going through the streets looking for it Basilica of Guadalupe. With court at 2 of the morning between day and today, we received 4 thousand 463 million 363 pilgrims. Our operation continues until the end of December 12th”, the mayor announced Francisco Chiguil through your account in X.

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For this reason and with the aim of assisting the climbers created to help the journey of the pilgrims to the Basilica of Guadalupeel Metrobus he modified some of his routes, checking the operations at some stations.

The affected lines are 6 and 7, which have some stations near the Marian enclosure. These stations will be closed until 7pm on December 12th, when the service will be regularised.

Which Metrobus stations will be closed on December 12th?

In the case of line 6, which usually runs from Villa de Aragon to the RosaryI will welcome you Riobamba y Hospital General La Villawhy the stations La Villa, Gustavo A. Madero, Hospital Infantil La Villa, Misterios, Martín Carrera and Hospital General La Villa will be closed.

These are the traffic lights on lines 6 and 7 of the Metrobus. Photo: Metrobús CDMX

Line 7, which usually passes through, enters Camp Mars And Green Indianswill provide provisional service until Talismán, so that the Garrido, Gustavo A. Madero, Hospital Infantil La Villa, De los Misterios e Indios Verdes will be closed.

Will you reach the Metro on December 12th?

Hasta el momento, el Metro Collective Transport System no one has announced more people in the stations looking for the Marian temple, Sports 18th March y The Villa-Basilicaso both are a good alternative to connect to this site.

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