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Operative Basílica 2023: where are the emergency and paramedic services?

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Only during el December 12ththe capital authorities hope that among you and new thousands of fieles are mentioned in the Basilica of Guadalupe to say hello on your day to one of the most venerated Marian advocates in the world.

A competition of this type requires a megaoperational of impacting dimensions. To attend to different emergencies that can arise, 15 thousand people will be deployed who will perform in different ways during the maximum Marian fiesta.

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“We have a coordination of more than 15 thousand people, between the governance of the boiler and the governance of the City of Mexico and volunteered. We have as much coverage as even the graduate Rubén Linaresfrom the Social Development Secretaryalso coordinates with the Secretaría de Pueblos Originarios the theme of interpretations in different languages”, he argues Rodrigo Rojasdirector of Legal Asuntos from the beach, in an interview with Blanca Becerril for the program “Ponte al día”.

Y hay more. For example, Rojas points out that, as part of the operative team, they have the ability to offer drinking water up to 350 million people, auxilio in the first contact up to 800 people simultaneously, in addition to offering food and I move to hospitales in case it is necessary.

The staff of the boiler will come and toast apoyo to the pilgrims. Photo: X / Gustavo A. Madero

“For us it is a compromised strength and a great honor to hold our demarcation to the Marian center largest in Latin America. In our community throughout the central region of the country, the north, the south and certainly, because of its variety and color in this festival there is a lot of international interest”, says Rubén Linares, general director of Desarrollo Social of the demarcation.

Where are the relief points of the Operative Basílica 2023 located?

A total of three points medical attention, Four of them with ambulances to carry out hospital transfers, form part of this operational magnum. In them, experts with specialization in primary care will be able to meet the needs of the peregrinos.

The medical attention points meet the necessary requirements to carry out treatments in the place. Photo: Operativo Basílica 2023

“We install three health care points. Los health centres take care of all types of injuries, from wounds, foot lacerations, wounds, gastrointestinal illnesses, all if taken care of in the first instance, if it is necessary to canalize them, if necessary”, explains Linares.

Two of the most important points are installed inside the religious enclosure, while other points sought are located inside the cross of Pelican with the shoes of Guadalupe y de los Mysteriesthese will concentrate the greatest flow of visitors to the Basilica.

Where are the bathrooms installed by the Operativo Basílica 2023?

A total of three points where there were 180 homes of health and essential services were installed in the vicinity of the Basilica of Guadalupeto attend to the primary needs of visitors.

Health services are located in strategic places. Photo: Operativo Basílica 2023

Three of them are located above it Calzada de Guadalupeso much so that one could even meet him there Calzada de los Misterios. The remaining four are located within the perimeter of the Marian centre.

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