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Open to those presumed responsible for the disappearance of children from Lagos de Moreno

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Cinco presumes integratis del Cártel Jalisco New Generationthe characters that were related to the disappearance of five young people in Lagos de Moreno last August, were captured by elements of the General Tax of the Republicthe National Guard y el Army.

These people, people formed a criminal cell that seemed like terror in the area of Los Altosto the north of Jaliscothey would also be associated with the attacker against federal agents in the locality of Theocalticoccurred in November past.

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Lagos de Moreno case: they haul the cell phones of the 5 young people in the finca where they disappeared

Lagos de Moreno case: the remains of a thief correspond to the five missing youngsters

Luto en el Jército: veiled by Alejandro Velásquez, soldier arrested in the Jalisco ambush

Identified as Isidro “N”alias “El Chilo”, who presumably was the leader of the integrated criminal group Luis Antonio “N”apodado “La Morsa”, Eruviel “N”also known as “El Conejo”, José Fernando “N”aka “El Fercho” y Víctor Armando “N”apodado “El Diablo”.

According to the initial investigations, the alleged perpetrators are tasked with eliminating rival groups of the Cártel Jalisco New Generation in the Los Altos area, especially those linked to Sinaloa Cartel.

Thus was the disappearance of the five young people from Lagos de Moreno

The 11th of August passed, my friends Roberto Olmeda, Diego Lara, Uriel Galvan, Jaime Martinez y Dante Cedillo regresaban to visit the fair dedicated to the Feria Lagos, held in the center of the jalisciense locality, when they were presumably raised.

Later today, a video published in social circles supposedly showed the five young people being tortured and tortured by one of them in a crime that, later on, was located and recorded by the General Tax of the State of Jalisco.

A few days ago, the young people’s cell phones were found on the site where the video was recorded. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Recently, the cell phones of the guys, who are also found in the quality of disappearedthey were encountered in a report previously registered by the authorities who were investigating the case.

Emboscan a militaris en Teocaltiche

The other crime for which the recently disbanded criminal cell is accused is for the ambush carried out against elements of the Army outside the military location of Theocaltic last November 19th.

The alleged criminals set vehicles on fire to prevent the progress of the soldiers. Photo: Special

On that occasion, three militaris they lost their lives and three others were injured. Later, an important deployment of the federal and state forces was made to regain control of the region.

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