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Open to 10 people for delivery

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A dozen people who, allegedly, had entered a home to cause injuries contracted by the expareja of the dueño of the vehicle, were captured by elements of the Banking and Industrial Policy.

Through a press release, the branch indicated that people were trapped in flagrance while they meet inside the door, located in the hot tub Benito Juárez.

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“They happened when the officials of the Banking and Industrial Policy carried out their rounds of surveillance for the Independence colony and the operators of the Central Command and Control Center They solicited to attend to a prediction located on Calle Zempoala, which, apparently, was invaded by various people who caused destruction.

“In this regard, the uniformed men met with a man 53 years old, who said he was the dueño of the ownedand he declared that he would surprise various people inside his house, so he asked them to tell them,” he signaled the corporation.

One of the invaders was menor de edad

Acknowledgment with the declarations made by the alleged offenders before the Ministerio Públicothey have been contracted for the expareja of the dueño of the place to sustraer some pertenencias of the site.

The instructions of the articles aprèhendidos They go from 14 to 57 years of age, and are detained in the dependencies of the capital’s government, from which they hope that they will return to a legal situation.

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