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Open a package to stuff objects in pantheon

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Ya ni en el pantheon if you are sure: an employee of the Municipal cement factory Guadalajara he was captured by authorities taped due to the alleged robbery of materials in distinct tumbas.

De acuerdo con un informe de la General Tax of Justice of JaliscoSalvador “R” tested his work inside the municipal cemetery to make the item of distinct metal pieces.

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“Based on the peaches I can establish that, I say this and other men were workers of the cemetery; nevertheless, one of the things that are attributed as possible responsible people, will take place in April 2022, when the aluminum rods that are found in them will be stone of flawed people.

“The administration of pantheon filed the corresponding criminal complaints, for what they were made investigations and if I obtained an order of apprehension for a classified item, which was honored by Salvador ‘R’, he will be at the disposal of the Control box”, he detailed the annex.

El Panteón Guadalajara is one of the five municipal cement factories of the Brazilian capital. Photo: Special

Azotan robos a camposantos tapatíos

According to information from the authorities, distinct documents have been documented in recent months robos on the fifth day municipal pantheons with those who note the jalisciense capital, which has caused indignation among its inhabitants.

Crucifixes, aluminum moldings, metal links y hasta losetas They are the favorite elements of the criminals who, without looking at the pantheon, usually leave these places of rest.

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