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Official Forensic Registry confirms that there are 52 million bodies without identification in Mexico

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El Gobierno de México Accounts, to date, 52 million bodies without identification in certain municipalities, forensic services and subterranean health centers throughout the country.

Before that, the secretaries of Health and Government they can attend to this forensic crisis with a reversal of 49.7 million pesos in equipment for them Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica (Inmegen).

With the teams we compare the largest number of unidentified genetic blood files against the largest number of family group genetic files.

This board has been used successfully in different scenarios at an international level, including conflicts in the Balkans, Guatemala and attacks against the Gemelas Torres.

The Government of Mexico requires a strong forensic identification requirement and a difference with the traditional focus, where the search will arise on a case-by-case basis.

“The subsecretary of the Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Secretariat of Government, offers the possibility of establishing in the country a laboratory that can solve the needs of analysis of complex oceans, shows that historically they have been sent to laboratories in foreign countries on genetic processing and analysis”, exposes the project in the power of El Heraldo de México.

For the Identification Laboratory Perfiles Genetics de la Dirección de Identificación If you are interested in purchasing different teams of the latest technology.

The foreseen teams test the AB 3500 HID Analyzer with six analysis licenses, Proflex 96-Well Thermocycler, HID DNA Quantitation System QS5, Novaseq , BSD600 ASCENT A2 BIOSAMPLE PUNCH and TISSUE LYSER.

The laboratory covers six areas of work: reception of blood, cleaning and storage of reagents and plastic, cleaning and dusting of the rest of the blood, extraction of DNA from the rest of the blood, post-PCR and extraction of DNA from the reference blood.

“Always with the presence of civil society (families of the disappeared), the Mexican state has strived to give the first steps to establish a new methodological emphasis and better inter-institutional coordination at the national level, including the creation of regional centers , summer and national of Genetic Perfiles. The previous result of the need to generate a national public policy that recognizes the Genetic Perfiles as a state assumption”, he said Government of Mexico.

In the project there is an increasing demand for training to enter the laboratory, which is why it is imperative to expand operational capacity.

“This involves the acquisition of additional equipment that includes standard forensic technology, as well as the incorporation of new technological equipment. These measures will allow us not only to support the actual flow of work, but also to fulfill the objectives designed for the massive achievement of genetic parameters”, if indicated.

Included, in the hand of these miracles, the title of the Comisión Nacional de Búsqueda (CNB), Teresa Guadalupe Reyes Sahagunemphasized that the federal government is targeting 92 million 332 people who were reported as missing, of a data base of cases 110 million 964.

“We can decide that according to the data of 110 that we have in those moments we are located at 16 mil and we aim for 92 mil approximately, with different levels of approximation,” he explained.


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