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Nurse took 10 patients to the hospital, changed the medications for the patient’s water

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A enfermera – which name has not been revealed – face strong accusations, place of which allegedly assinó to diez people inside a hospital in Oregon, in the United States. After reading the first statements, the workman apparently replaced the sheep doctor, who must administer them to your patients, por water of the llavewhich covered the life of at least 10 people.

They took place inside the Centro Médico Regional Asante Rogue, in the city of Medford. According to the complaints, it was the personal doctor who said he had something rare when dealing with the enfermera and their patients, the ones murieron of suspicious form.

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The woman administered her water to more than ten patients. Photo: Freepik.

What do you know about the nurse who has given 10 patients?

To begin an investigation, to find out dead immediately at least diez patientsthe doctors of the Medical Center discovered that the nurse entrusted to these patients changed the fentanyl of medical grade por water of the llave and it is administered to its patients via intravenous route.

The specialists who investigated the case reported it to the families of the victims and to the local media that, water of the llave I may have had occasional infections among patients, which would have led them to lose their lives. On the other hand, the hospital has to know what it is enfermera que changed the medications I was given up and now it’s not a worry for those people who need medical attention.

Patients died due to infections. Photo: freepik.

What was the medicine that the nurse changed?

The patients who received water from the bottle were those who were indicated fentanyl en sus sueros. According to the Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC), this medicine is a strong synthetic opioid analgesic similar to morphine, but between 50 and 100 times more powerful. The medicine works by combining the opioid receptors that are located in the areas of the brain that control pain and emotions.

The dependency indicates that this type of medicine is used mainly to treat intense pain, especially after a operation and in the advanced stages of the cancer.

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