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Now in Nuevo León, fire report; llamas consume molds of fiberglass and madeira

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Among the fires that occurred in the Mexican Valley, where at least two people lost their lives, late in this Sunday and in full navigation a new accident was recorded, on this occasion New Leonfollowing information from local media and the community Civil Protection of the State. Unfortunately, in this fire no if they reported injured or wrongful people.

Civil Protection of the State of New León informed that late this Sunday a fierce fire in the municipality of Santa Catarina. According to the reports of the authorities, in the place if consumed at least 10 square meters of video fiber molds y Madeiraso that my members of the brigade were eager to appease the calls that caused panic.

The bombers controlled the casualty. (Photo: X @PC_NuevoLeon)

The bombers and the Jaguares of Civil Protection were heard on the outskirts of the Novasi Machinery Movers company, whence the fire of this Sunday began. According to the authors, the fiberglass and fiber molds have been removed in the place “part of the containers of the industrial park”.

After checking with local reports, the accident began in the first place fire of a transformer which is extended as far as the Madeira tarines and other platforms which are found in Haciendo Santa María/terra Park

At 7pm the brigade sent out a message to indicate that the calls had been muffled and that no injured persons had been registered there.

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