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Now before Nochebuena, man mata a sussposa, se quita la vida y deja huérfanos a sus 5 hijos

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A man asked to go to his exposed place to have a fight discussion inside his house in Pennsylvania, United Statess. After joining the woman, the father of the family also quit his life after five children huérfanos in anticipation of the Nochebuena y de la Navidad.

The striker was identified as Blase Raia 39 years old, who joined Brooke Raia of 34, where they began to discuss in the room of their house located in Greenwood. At the time of birth, four of the five children were inside the house to protect the moment when their fathers lost their lives.

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Asesina is exposed in front of her children and intends to escape, they detain him when he hides in a house

New asesina to his wife, to his cuñada ya his suegra in full boda

Blase Raia also quit her life. Photo: NY Post

Why did the man marry him before Christmas?

The discussion between Brooke and Blase was intensified by the fact that the man would become a pistol who kept in the house to shoot his wife who died in the place, so that the attacker would have the same advice to also die inside his house, to be safe with the police officer of Logan Township, Dave Hooverquoted in the Altoona Mirror.

When the fifth hija went to his house after working in the middle hours after the asesinato, he encountered the body of his fathers in the sotano, so that God warned the authorities to remove the corpses while fulfilling certain tasks to avoid responsibility.

The crime occurred within the community of Greenwood, Pennsylvania. Photo: FB / Fox 8 WWCP TV

The minors were identified as: the daughter of Blase, Blakely and their children Blase Jr., Brennan; as well as Kamden and Easton, Brooke’s sons from an ancient relationship, they were the low guards of other members of the family to ask them to go through the attack that their father ordered.

The authorities continue with the investigation and at the moment they have not determined the reason that led Blase to shoot his wife to end his life. The elders of the community were surprised and assured that they knew Blase Raia as a friendly man who worked as a car mechanic.

While Brooke Raia worked in a medical clinic and was also sought after in the community, only in 2022, it happened that she would live together with her similar past friends.

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