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November 20th: Will the counters open on the day of the Mexican Revolution?

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You’re ready to finish it 2023 and if you are looking for one of the last ones official scans of the year. The next Monday November 20th It is the day in which the Mexican Revolution is commemorated and no workers or students should focus on their work centers. But will the counters be open? Go back to this information to take your precautions.

But beforehand, it is important to record what I have learned with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Labor Defense (PROPHEDET), if you know how public holiday or weekday to those jornadas that do not work or end, are considered as “descansos“. In this sense, they are marked in official form in article 74 of the Ley Federal del Trabajo (LFT) and those who work must receive their normal daily salary more than double.

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Will the counters open this November 20th, the day the Revolution is commemorated?

On November 20th the branches of the bank branches will not open. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Check with the official calendar of the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) on the next Monday 20th November the twenty pages of the bank branches will open. In this sense, you must take all your precautions since only automatic machines will be available.

And I appreciate it a lot because I have to mention what you have done November 20thevery day you have it CNBV brand as disabled for this 2023. Say the days are on Tuesday December 12th, Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Mondays December 25th where we and Mexicans celebrate Navidad.

But, when did I have to work on November 20th?

Workers and workers who work on November 20th must receive more than double their normal salary. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Don’t forget that for you, workers and workers who work on public holidays who are officials, they will receive “regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the obligatory exemption, a double salary for the service provided”. In other words, you will have to count on your normal salary more than that double.

But pay a lot of attention, because in cases where the usual official day coincides with Sundays, they and their patrons have the obligation to pay a “prima dominical” of at least 25% above the salary of ordinary days of work.

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