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Not just fried ajolote! Japanese restaurants offer this panda and killer whale on their menu

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A restaurante of Japan generated great indignation among users and users of social circles due to the fact that on its menu it offered no more or no less than fried foods. It is, I would say, an endemic amphibian Mexico which regretably is found in it danger of extinction. However, the food establishment must not be kept in sight by anyone who has now come to know that among the platillos that are offered there are barbs, orcas and hasta I dare panda.

The controversial Japanese restaurant is called Chinju-ya and it is located in the Sakuragi-cho area in Yokohama. Apparently it is designed to sell processed foods based on it exotic animals that many times there is the danger of disappearing.

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What other animals does the Japanese restaurant sell?

The Japanese restaurant caused controversy with its platinums. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Please put it on the vent preparations where the ajolotes are the main ingredient, it turns out that Chinju-ya he keeps a menu with a whole series of animals that are difficult to sell as usual on other sites. Therefore, in some cases it is necessary to make a reservation to be considered “special platinums”. The following are included in the species that are also marketed in the restaurant:

  • Cucarachas
  • Gusanos gigantes
  • Frog
  • Ardilla
  • killer whale
  • Mapache
  • I dare pardo
  • I dare panda

How do you know about the existence of the Japanese restaurant?

One day ago, the establishment offered fried fries. Credit: Aristegui Noticias.

Even the restaurant Chinju-ya there was a point of relevance in social circles starting from the fact that I made a controversial announcement with the person who offered ajolotes fritos. In addition, to ensure that due to the fact that this is a “limited product”, interested parties must make a prior reservation.

As it was to hope for, el platillo Promotion by the Japanese establishment generated a wave of indignation among Mexicans and Internet users. One of the main reasons for the discomfort was that the ajolotes are amphibians belonging to the species of salamanders that are in danger of excitement. De acuerdo con la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), one of the causes is the destruction that has occurred on natural habitats in the humid of Xochimilco.

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