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“No harm done” in the Tepito fire confirms the title of Civil Protection

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La Secretaria de Gestión Integral de Riesgos y Protección Civil de la Ciudad de México (SGIRP), Myriam Urzuaconfirmed these findings that there were no injuries or faults due to the intense fire that started inside a zapatos factory in the area of La Lagunilla, in the Cuauhtémoc alcaldía.

The capital city official turned to the citizenry avoid the area if it is not necessary in presence, the same form has been maintained by coordinating the security protocols with elements of Civil and Bomber Protection of the City of Mexico, people find themselves drowning out the intense calls.

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Fire breaks out in the shop near the Mercado de la Lagunilla, bombers work in the area

VIDEOS: the impacting images of the fire of a bodega in Tepito

The person in charge of Plaza Oasis, the affected individual, informed the communication channels that they were evacuated approximately 500 people to avoid any mortal victim. Juan Manuel Pérez Coba, jefe volcano, detail that the accident originated in the fourth floor, where there was a large quantity of shoes, sandals and soft toys, reading materials with highly flammable specialist.

Difunden impactántes images of the fire

Users of social networks they published photographs and videos of the devastating fire that is consuming the civilian, in the heart of the city of Mexico. Including, the calls climbed a great height that could be welcome from the municipalities of the Mexican State.

According to reports from journalists who covered the disaster, the environment in the La Lagunilla area is one of concern and anguish, especially because of the products that were consumed by the names represented hooks and sales for the merchant community.

Myriam Urzúa Venegas detailed that the fire began to spread at 3.30pm in the place known as Plaza Oasis, located above Florence and Peña and Peña, in the Colonia Centro. It’s a building of one planta baja y tres nivelesone of them completely affected.

It is clear that the fire spreads to other people, and that the capital authorities are involved in the process of extinguishing the fire. If you expect various water pipes, some of different boilers of the CDMX, go to the streets of the Centro Histórico.

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