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Niquel plant explosion in Indonesia after 13 deaths

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On Saturday 23rd December I tested the nickel processing mine in Indonesiaone of the Chino capital complexes that is worked in there Isla de Celebés. A plant spokesperson adjusted the figure to 13 deaths due to the accident.

Also reported are 38 people who were injured by the accident that occurred on the plant that produces the material that is used in the batteries of electric cars.

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There Celebrity Island It is an important center of nickel productiona mineral used in electric vehicle batteries and in stainless maple.

The explosion occurred when the workers repaired the caldera so that a flammable liquid The fire originated, causing the oxygen tanks to be installed, which was confirmed with the preliminary investigation.

Ahead of the event, the industrial company communicated that it was “deeply concerned” by this event and announced that the remainder of some victims had been identified and had been sent to their respective places of origin.

In one image are the bodies of the victims on top of black-colored corpse bags in one of the medical centers of the industrial complex.

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