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Niño is quiet about life because they didn’t lend her a cell phone

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A niño 10 years old quit life place to discuss with your brother so as not to ask you to lend her one cell phonethe accident occurred in a house located in Comuna 3 de Manrique en Medellin, Colombiawhere the two men were in his company Popewho brought to his hijo de emergency to a hospital.

The brothers were close together with their father, one of them held the cell phone so that the little boy would now want to use it, but when he received a no as a response, the younger one was enamored and moved as much to his brother as to his father who was his father to quit life, to understand with the witness of Gloria Ochoaa family member of the victim.

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The little boy lived in a municipality in Medellín. Photo: Canal 1

What happened to the little boy who gave up his life because he didn’t have his cell phone?

Gloria Ochoa indicated that her father told her that it was her turn for her 10-year-old son to use the mobile device: “The father was now close to him and I told her husband that he would lend her the cell phone, and he I don’t say to her ‘I don’t want to lend it’ and I say to her ‘I want to go up and I’m going to get married’”, he described the familiar quote on Canal 1.

To tell the truth that his son had been esteemed, the father of the family took him from emergency to a hospital where he was attended and waited for interned; no matter what, a day later, the menor of edad murió in Medellín by succession of the inheritances.

The 10 year old boy was passionate about sports and lived with his younger son in Medellín, on the day of the accident his father was present and he couldn’t help but regret his son. In respect, Gloria Ochoa sent a message to the family fathers:

“The message I send you is very dear to your children”: Gloria Ochoa.

The minor died in the hospital. Photo: freepik / Illustrative

Specialists advise the children’s success signals

The specialist in child psychiatry of the mental hospital of Antioquia, Hernán Giraldo Castro, “The factors of risk are situations inside and around like a house in crisis, a house with economic problems”, stated the specialist who asked the question attention en los Cambias sudden de behavior in the minors:

“Always when these cases occur, the children who do it are sent messages, so it is important to be attentive when the child changes or present changes in behavior,” said Hernán Giraldo.

If you know someone who needs help, you can call the Life Line telephone number 800 911 2000. It works for 24 hours of the 365 days of the year at the national level. The specialists will accompany you in a personalized manner, following up on your needs until the completion of the project.

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