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New York Times delegates to Microsoft and OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT

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The New York Times demandó to Microsoft y OpenAIcreator of ChatGPT (artificial intelligence chatbot application), due to those who are interested in the violation de derechos de author to use the articles of the current periodical to learn about the considered powerful models of Artificial Intelligencel (IA).

By following the stipulation of the request, the two companies are able to verify the enormous reversal of the Times in his period using it to create substitute products without permission “, quoted the AFP agency which consulted a spokesperson of the communication medium.

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Microsoft was asked by the New York Times. Photo: Archive

What are you looking for in the New York Times against Microsoft?

“As explained in the complaint, Microsoft and OpenAI have used our work to develop and market their Generative Artificial Intelligence products without the permission of the Times,” the newspaper spokesperson stated. If it was a “violation of the author’s rights in terms of content and periodical work”, he said.

According to the complaint, the newspaper estimates “various miles”. millones de dólares“The damages suffered and require an indemnización, as well as an order so that companies must use the contents and destroy the data you have collected.

The New York Times asks Microsoft for plagiarism through artificial intelligence. Photo: Freepik

With the request, The New York Times, one of the most respected news groups in the United States, opted for a more belligerent approach ahead of the sudden rise of AI chatbots, in contrast to other media groups like Germany Axel Springer or the Associated Press (AP) agency that found contents with OpenAI, informed the agency.

Microsoft is a major developer of OpenAI and has rapidly implemented AI capabilities into its products since the launch of ChatGPT robotic chat this past year. The AI ​​models that power ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot (formerly Bing) were trained for years with content available on the Internet, assuming that it was possible to use them without the need for authorization or compensation to the original sources.

“These projects were created and continue using independent and contained periodicity that is only available so that we and our peers inform us, edit them and verify them starting from a high cost and considerable experience”, the spokesperson of the Times stated.

With information from AFP.

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