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New war? The United Kingdom will send a military force to Guyana over a dispute with Venezuela

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Guyana y Venezuela there are moments of tension through it dispute that holds for him Exequiboan area that the president Nicolás Maduro claims the former colony of Single KingdomIn response to the situation, he sent a gesture of diplomatic assistance to Guyana via a war chest which will serve to carry out patrols in front of the coast.

El Esequibo is an area that claims Venezuela as part of its territory, a place that holds various yacimientos of petroleum and minerals. Before the possibility that tension between both countries in the dispute would grow, the British Ministry of Defense sent the package HMS Trent to bring the patrolling exercisers to the top after the Christmas holiday, the BBC informed.

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The British settle in Guyana in front of Venezuela. Photo: X @HMSTrent

Why does Venezuela claim territory from Guyana?

To be part of the British Community, Guyana receives the apoyo of the Crown británica, who has deployed the war force with all the necessary advances to intercept narcotrafficking boats; However, before the declarations of the Venezuelan government encumbered by Maduro to request anexar the execution to his territory, he changed the original plan of the warship.

The dispute between Venezuela and Guyana was the first armed conflict in South America, the site of the war conflict that Argentina and the United Kingdom were protagonists of on the Malvinas Islands in 1982, a remote region located in the South Atlantic, which finally ended in the hands of Argentina: “The Nation Argentina ratifies its legitimate and imprescriptible rule over the islands of Malvinas, Georgias of the South and Sandwich of the South and corresponding maritime and insular spaces”, reported the South American government.

El Esequibo is a region of 160 million square kilometres, which spans a large territory of Guyana, and in its forest there are various areas from which there are gold, diamondsIn addition to the fact that huge oilfields have been located in front of its coasts, since the past 3 December, Nicolás Maduro has called for a referendum to reaffirm the country’s support for the complaint.

The ship HMS Trent will patrol the coasts of Guyana. Photo: X @HMSTrent

Maduro ordered that new maps be created with a legislation that would be shown at the Senate as part of Venezuela, as well as that he appointed a new governor for the area and offered signs of Venezuelan identity to the inhabitants of the region, he indicated in the middle city.

Venezuela and Guyana are reunited where Maduro and the president of Guyana, Irfaan Ali They agreed not to resort to force, although the Venezuelans maintain their claim to keep the zone within their territory, so the dispute over how to resolve a possible intervention by the Venezuelan army continues.

The vessel HMS Trent holds 65 tripulants on board and can reach a speed of 5 thousand nautical miles. The war ship is armed with 30 mm cannons and holds a contingent of the Royal Navy. On its basis you can deploy Merlin-type helicopters and triple-headed airplanes.

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