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New pandemic? Keep an eye on disinfecting streets and schools, while cases of pneumonia in children increase

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In the midst of an increase in the cases of a mysterious neumonia that attacks children and adolescents, the government began to disinfect streets and schools, with the aim of minimizing the contagions. Now, if the exact nature of young people who have contracted the virus is not known, nevertheless, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called the authorities of China, so that they share all the information they hold about this illness, before they grow up the cases.

In this context, which recorded the Covid-19 pandemic – which began in the city of Wuhan -, the Chinese officials denied that the cases of pneumonia were generated by a new virus, insisting that the infections must be treated That in the country there is an increase in summer illnesses resulting from China’s fight for the first winter without the restrictions that were implemented during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The workers were seen disinfecting schools and streets. Photo: @jenniferzeng97

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China ensures that “there are no reasons to worry” about recent childhood pneumonia

What happens in China before the criticism of respiratory illnesses and pneumonia in children?

Is China experiencing an increase in childhood pneumonia cases?

Despite this, weighing on the negatives of the government, the Dutch Institute for the Investigation of Health Services (NIVEL) has to know that during the week of November 16th, 103 of each 100 million children between five and 14 years old – they have been diagnosed with pneumonia, an alarming figure considering that during the past year alone there were 58 cases recorded for 100 million less than this year’s rank.

So far, you don’t have enough information about the pneumonia that is affecting minors, but you know that illness (inflammation of the lungs) is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection and affects the patient for at least two weeks. It is characteristic to present you, the difficulty in breathing and fibers; The most vulnerable people are seniors over 65, babies or small children, as well as people with poor lungs.

Is the government in charge disinfecting the streets and schools?

Ahead of the increase in cases, and considering that China ensures that it is not a new illness, local media have spread images from which government personnel are disinfecting streets and schools in distinct cities in the Asian country. The photographs have taken her around the world, showing employees dressed in protective clothing, gloves and masks, as they walk between classrooms, classrooms and even outdoors.

Workers walk around the streets and schools rubbing an sterilizing liquid to disinfect. One of the most viral videos was shared by blogger Jennifer Zeng, who lives in New York, United States. Acknowledging with the youth, the images were taken to the city of Sanhe, 40 thousand east of Beijing.

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