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New explosion in the Del Valle colony moves emergency teams

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Late in this time a new one was recorded explosion in a domicile of the colony Del Valle Surin the city of Mexico, presumably due to a gas leak in the kitchen area, which generated the movement of the emergency services, as well as personnel from the emergency services Bomberos of the City of Mexico and of Civil Protection capital.

It was shortly before 4pm when a report was made explosion inside someone’s kitchen vivienda located at the cross of the streets San Lorenzo y Martín Mendalde, in the colonia Del Valle Sur. Accident which unfortunately did not involve any people injuriesOnly nervous crises occur within people at this moment.

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What happened in life that generated the explosion?

The place where the explosion occurred is located at the crossroads of San Lorenzo and Martín Mendalde streets. PHOTO: Captura de pantalla

By knowing with the testimony of the people who at this moment met inside the room, some people were cooking and from one moment to another the explosion which ended up breaking the videos of the windows and some other objects that were found in the kitchen.

Wait for the moment not if you have determined it accident occurred for some accumulation of gas or escape there and away, without embargo, the accident will not be personal injuries or with heridas de gravedad. Personal de Civil Protection I gave attention to two people who experienced a nervous crisis.

Shortly after the last four hours of this visit to the place you will have retired your personal Bomberos and on the site there remain some elements of Civil Protection of the CDMX

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