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New asesina to his wife, to his cuñada ya his suegra in full boda

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A multiple femicide has caused commotion among the inhabitants of Thailand, who have used the social networks to highlight the mascreous comet against three women, who have lost their lives while receiving a boda. According to the first versions, the victims of the attack were there novia, on hermana and on mother; while the attacker was there new.

Local media informed that the massacre occurred after a verbal discussion among the members of the local household, in which the new family members intervened. However, the skin quickly escaped and the man took a weapon and fired at his wife, on cuñada y up suegraleaving the three women without life.

The ride ended in a massacre. Photo: Pixabay.

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What if you know about the case?

Witnesses who attended the attack detailed that the attacker, identified as Jaturong Sukkasuk – 29 years old -, rose from the boda to discuss with you exposed, so that new family members came up to review that everything was under control. However, the man was enraged and was in his car, from where he had a fire weapon, the same as he used to kill the three men.

Let me mention that on stage another man lost his life as a result of a joke, while the other man was hurt. Tras la masacre, el agresor -quien era el new– he opted to commit suicide, so that the authorities encountered five bodies in life at the reception of the bottle (three women, a man and the shooter).

The authorities tuned the stage and raised the bodies. Photo: special.

More justice for asian women

In social circles, decades of people are calling for better gun control in Thailand. The specialists say that in the country there are 10 million 34 million weapons, that is 15 million weapons for each 100 inhabitants, a figure that – according to the experts – is alarming, and that every day violent crimes increase in the Asian country.

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