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Never was Father Abuelito in kindergarten pide as a gift of Christmas that his children visit him

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Don Víctor Domínguez he is a man from the third generation who has conquered the hearts not only of his country –Honduras— up to various parts of the world. And this is the biggest adult who actually stays in one asylumkeep very clear about your desire for this December celebrations: see your children.

In interview for the average Honduran HCH Television Digitaldon Victor I called my six boys with the aim of seeing it. In the midst of tears, the man in charge explained that he did not know how it was that he took to the asylum and there is an emphasis on “no bad father”.

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Where is Don Víctor and what does he know about his family?

Señor Víctor Domínguez platicó that he is originally from the Honduran city of Choluteca. Credits:X/@HCHTelevDigital.

Served by the television reporter, the señor Víctor Domínguez Platicó that he is originally from the Honduran city of Choluteca and professional radio speaker. However, his illness – but he doesn’t mention it in the moment – prevented her from continuing with his work.

From the month of April and until the actual date hombre he remained in the elderly asylum of the San Felipe hospital. Here she took the microphones and cameras to record the moments she experienced with her six hijos and ask them to visit it in the middle of Christmas holidays.

“I want them to come, I want to be with him again, I have never been a bad father to him”, he expressed between Don Víctor.

The case of Don Víctor involves the social reds

The history of Don Victor he shared with us and the users of social networks. After that you need to know the interview that you gave her HCH Television Digitalthe community of Internet users have questioned how the men’s children do not go to visit him and have expressed as much indignation as the desire to support him.

In Mexico, 16% of adults and mayors suffer from abandonment and abuse. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Lamentably, stories like the del Señor Víctor he has thousands of friends in the world. Just think about the situation in Mexico, and I know with figures published by the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED), in our country there are 16% of major adults suffering from abandonment and abuse.

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