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Neighboring dispute: Nicolás Maduro goes to Guyana

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Madurohe ordered to la PDVSA petrol station grant licenses for the deployment of courses in the region of Exequibo, lthe area you dispute with Guyana and whence Georgetown authorized foreign oil companies to operate.

So if we proceed “to create the PDVSA-Esequibo division”and that we “immediately proceed to grant the operational licenses for the operation and exploration of oil, gas and mines in the entire area”, said the agent.

This media forms part of various announcements that Maduro received ayer, among the consultative referent of the Sunday past who favored him with 95%.

Maduro also proposed a legal project to declare a Venezuelan province in the region he disputes.

The government of Guyana advised that it was going to UN Security Council a fight is escalating with the government of Venezuela.
Las tensions enter Venezuela and Guyana They have increased since 2015 when dozens of oilfields began to be discovered in coastal areas of the disputed area.

Guyana’s oil reserves are estimated to be in the range of 11 million barrels, but can be added to them 50 million million, next OilNow.

The oil explorations are in the coastal waters of Guyana, a region in dispute with Venezuela, which it is certain will not seek to expand.


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