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National Lottery Lottery Draw: how to participate in the draw of houses, motorbikes, a stage in the Aztec and 146 prizes

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To get to the morning conference, President López Obrador announced that on December 19th there will be a special National Lottery draw with more 146 million pesos de pesos in prizes and in effectiveness with decoded articles.

The prizes include vehicles, houses, cars and a stage in the Estadio Azteca, with a value of more than 25 million pesos. Also, I informed you that this Tuesday the Tianguis del Bienestar began in Acapulco, Guerrero, where new decomised art��culos are distributed.

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“In this case, property awards are confiscated by the Institute for Donating Items to the Community and what is obtained is for the benefit of the people. For example, there is a stage in the Estadio Azteca, trucks, four-wheelers, and when buying the ticket, you can help.

The cost of the bowl will be 100 pesos
PHOTO: YT López Obrador

What will be the draw of the National Lotería?

The head of the Federal Executive announced that the draw organized by the National Lotería, with prizes awarded by the INDEP, will take place on Tuesday 19 December and will cost 100 pesos.

“There are more than 300 million prizes, which ones are in particular”

I ensured that this fate is real and not as it happens in other promotions in the social circles that engage with the call of artificial intelligence. “Now, in December, we are going to seek 500 million pesos, also from the Institute for Donating them to the Community, which was stolen from the deportees who were part of the Pan-Americans and who won many medals. To all the delegations, to the two delegations and that is what they are supporting”.

The president signaled that with the Tianguis del Bienestar in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez. “What do they bring? everything that is broken down in aduanas, that before is stored in the bodegas, that is allowed to be lost, that is stolen. Apart from what they can lose, they can steal it. Now no, if you pay less than the rent of the wineries, therefore if you avoid corruption, you don’t destroy what you get, if you confiscate it and steal it from the people, above all the poorest people”, he retorted.

“One day we’ll let you know how much you’ve received. And there are no used goods or goods, which also many humble, poor people, buy in the markets, used goods, have a sale of used goods and it is not bad, but nothing more clear, that the one who enters in the Tianguis of the Bienestar, everything is new. They are zapatos, clothes, canvases, toys, everything for people, as long as electrodomestic appliances”, he concluded.

The draw is December 19th
PHOTO: Archive

Where to buy boletos for the National Lottery draw?

To participate in the National Lotería draw, it is necessary to purchase one or several boletos. Each one has a cost of 100 pesos and can be purchased at periodical times or from vendors who are located in the streets of CDMX.

With information from Noemí Gutiérrez and Iván Evair Saldaña

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