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NASA will send a probe to investigate the mysterious asteroid “God of Chaos”

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In a previous manoeuvre, NASA has redirected the OSIRIS-REx ship, now renamed OSIRIS-APEX, to an encounter with one of the most intriguing objects of the cosmos: the asteroid Apofis, popularly known as the “God of Chaos”. This asteroid, which will approach Earth at an unusually close distance in 2029, has captured the attention of both the scientific community and the general public.

After a successful mission on the asteroid Bennu, where it has been years collecting valuable space rock objects, the OSIRIS-REx returned to Earth in September. Without embargo, travel has not ended. NASA He decided to test his advanced technology and experience to launch it on a new mission: to study the asteroid Apofis during its orbit around Earth.

It will be a very important mission. Photo: Dall-e.

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Why is the asteroid “God of Chaos” important?

On April 13, 2029, Apofis will reach only 32 million kilometres. the Tierra, a distance closer than some artificial satellites and sufficiently close to be visible from the Eastern Hemisphere. With a diameter of approximately 370 meters, this asteroid only comes close to our planet every 7,500 years, making this event a historic moment for both astronomy and planetary science.

Apofis photos, published in 2021. Photo: NASA.

The mission of OSIRIS-APEX is complete and multifaceted. The ship will not land Apophys, until it will operate in your vicinity for 18 months. During this time, he will make a detailed map of the asteroid’s surface and analyze its chemical composition. One of the most exciting aspects of this mission is the possibility of the ship hovering within 5 meters of the surface of the Apofis to fire its thrusters below. This will allow scientists to observe material that lies beneath the surface, providing a unique view of the internal structure of the asteroid.

The mission to study the asteroid “Gods of Chaos” is relevant

The acercamiento de Apofis y la misión de OSIRIS-APEX They have significant implications for our understanding of the universe. Amy Simon, project scientist for the mission, noted that Earth’s gravity will affect the asteroid, potentially changing the duration of its day and causing phenomena such as land slides and earthquakes on its surface. These changes will provide invaluable information about how asteroids react to external forces and will shed light on the processes of planetary formation, according to Dani Mendoza DellaGiustina, the mission’s principal investigator.

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