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NASA captures a group of 2 million year old light stars with the surprising shape of a Christmas tree

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There NASA captured the image of a group of estrellas located 2 million 500 years away from the light Tierra which form highlighted the December time to form a flight tree that the National Aeronautical Administration and the United States Space is responsible for giving greater reality to equipping them with colours.

Through its account of X (before Twitter), the state space agency showed a photograph of Christmas tree in the space that was bautizato with the name “Cúmulo de Árbol de Navidad” which formed the group of stars identified as “NGC 2264”, which in the social circles created fascination.

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The tree in the space was called “Cumulus of Tree of Nativity”. Photo: NASA

The “Navidad tree” lasts between 1 and 5 million years

The image of the star tree was captured by NASA’s “Chandra” X-ray observatory and was launched in the According to the United States’ special agency, the stars who formed the arboretum are between 1 and 5 thousand years old, according to the agency’s report in X:

“We are celebrating the Christmas season with a new image of the “Navidad Tree Cluster”, complete with shining lights! This group of young stars, aged approximately 1 to 5 million years, is within 2,500 years of the Earth. “Happy celebrations, fans of the space!”, wrote the “Chandra” observatory.

The Christmas tree was captured in the space of the Chandra Observatory. Photo: X @chandraxray

The “Cumulus of the Tree of Nativity” is located in the constellation of “Monoceros” inside the Via Láctea for 2,500 years in the light of the Earth, all the stars have various dimensions, but in combination they simulate the silhouette of the emblematic form which gives identity to Navidad.

To give greater reality to the image of the “Christmas Cloud”, NASA decided to create an animated version of the stars by giving them color and including movement to convert it into a gif to simulate a series of lights with which the Christmas tree is adorned in the houses.

And although young stars like those that form the Christmas tree are volatile and more brightly spotted in X-rays, as well as other types of variations that generate distinct types of light, in this case NASA stated that the image was modified with the animation to simulate even more than the symbol of the December holidays.

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