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Murió Lionel Dahmer, father of the “Milwaukee Monster”

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Lionel Dahmerfather of one of the most famous serial asesinos of the present day due to a series of Netflix with which he revived on chance, he fell into a police custody center located in Ohio, United States.

Dahmer rose to fame due to the crimes perpetrated by his son, also known as the “Milwaukee monster”, against 17 people from the LGBT community between 80 and 1991.

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According to information collected by the British press The Sun, the health of Lionel Dahmer decayed following the death of his wife, Shari Jordanwhat happened during this year.

The publication details that, during his last few days, Dahmer used to say that he liked his son, Jeffreywho was arrested in prison where he would be sentenced to a perpetual term for imprisonment and as many as 15 people.

Apoyó a su hijo en prisión

A weigh of the abrumadoras pruebas against his boy and the confession of his own Jeffrey about him crimeesLionel considered that his inheritance had been “strayed” at some point, but he was not born with evil.

“How could a polite, good and quite normal person be on one side and, on the other, do these things less than he would have been extremely sick and there were many problems?”, he declared at the time to the local newspaper Beacon Journal.

Lionel showed them around to his boy on distinct occasions. Photo: Special

In separate conversations held with your boyfriend at the beginning of the 90’s, Lionel Dahmer I reaffirmed on behalf of my family to weigh everything.

“Also you had rare thoughts in my childhood. Here’s how you are, Jeff. They surprise me every time you must be captured, but never again. Nothing, absolutely nothing is too great to not be forgiven,” he pointed out to one of her.

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