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Motorcyclists die in the Portales colony, through Facebook they search for their family members

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Two people traveling on a motorcycle wander down the street Emiliano Zapatain the colony Portales, alcaldía Benito Juárez, Mexico City. Just on Calle Balboa, the authorities met dos cuerpos and a vehicle of two llantas, look for the side with Balboa. Both walls.

Death of two people. due to a shock in Emiliano Zapata

In the area the police were introduced immediately Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana of the City of Mexico, people called to the experts there General Tax of Justice of the Mexican capital, those who began with the investigations and hicieron the rising of the cuerpos.

They are looking for the families of the people who lost their lives. Credit: Facebook

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The occupants of the motorcycle are not yet recognised, but they will have the corresponding tests to determine the cause of the dead. The area will be harmonized for a few more hours to continue with the investigations, so it is recommended to return alternative avenues.

They search for family members of motorcyclists who lost their lives

Through groups of Facebook of old people from the colony Portaleslet us know more photographs of the accidentinclude the motorcycle plaque with the number 8031G6, in case someone can recognize it and notify them familiars of the people involved in the accidental vial.

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As an alternative route to avoid the area of ​​the gate of the authorities of the City of Mexico, you can use the streets Antillas, Rumania or including the Calzada de Tlalpan; and the avenues De los Montes, Repúblicas, Pirineos or Emperors and presidents, also from Ajusco.

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