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Motorcyclist gets killed, falls from a bridge and dies in the center of New Leon

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A motorcyclist damn it life tras derrapar, chocar against a wall of containment and caer of a height close to it 10 metres from a bridge in the center of Monterrey, New Leon state. Reports from the local press point out that they were covered in the middle of the night after November 17th.

Allegedly, el motorcyclist circulaba a excess speed at the crossroads of Calle Zaragoza and Avenida Constitución, look for Plaza Multimodal Zaragoza, when one moment later I lost control of the vehicle, derrapó and it hit the concrete wall of a bridge. Due to the violent shock, the driver went up projected and from the hills you have to deal with the asphalt.

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Serious motorcyclist, only 29 years old

Local media report that the accident occurred at 11.40 pm in the morning, and that the driver is a young man. 29 years of age identified with the name of Jose Daniel, who lost his life due to injuries from the caída even though it is assumed that he may also have been injured. En tanto, el motorized vehicle which is tended over the vehicular arroyo of the Ignacio Zaragoza bridge.

The motorcyclist’s body was strained along the road. Photo: Vanguardia Veracruz

Señalan alleged criminal antecedents of the motorcyclist

At this point the elements of Police and Traffic of Monterrey arrived, together with personnel of Civil Protection y paramedics of the Red Cross to provide medical attention to the motorcyclist, although they cannot do anything for the youth. In an extra-official way, some media reported that it was young fallecido There are criminal precedents for robo crimes, although the information provided has not been confirmed or denied by the authorities.

At the same time, the authors covered the body of the phallic one with a manta ray, while realizing the eyes in it dos carroles from the Avenida Constitución, from east to west, what caused affections to the circulation it can, even for the moment that the percance passes of the middle nightconstant transit was recorded in the area.

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