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Motorcyclist dies rolled by a low-profile truck and is hauled several meters away in the Northern suburbs

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On the night of this Black Friday there was an intense movement of the emergency and safety bodies following a serious accident in which I was wrapped in a low-profile truck and a motorcyclist above the Periférico Norte area, at the height of the municipality of Tlalnepantla.

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De acuerdo con los primoros reportses, una tire chamber he had fallen from the góndula of the weighing unit. The biker encountered the object head on and attempted to evade it, he lost control, which caused him to hit a retaining wall.

The motorcycle was on the road for more than 100 metres

Derived from the chase, the pilot’s body was plastified and remained in search of the Plaza Comercial “Mundo E”, While the motorcycle was parked several meters for the unity of cleanliness, I didn’t realize at first that I wasn’t even bothered by the shock until I started to notice extraneous behaviors of the wrapped vehicle.

The chofer of the unit descended and it was realized that the biker did not respond to his calls, so he immediately alerted the emergency personnel via 911, who only notified the death of the male of approximately 35 years, carried a light colored mochila.

Chofer is detained, biker ends with the twisted head

At that moment it was not possible to identify the victim, what happened was the raising of the body, from which elements of the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State (FGJ) therefore the victim’s head was completely destroyed, weighing on the safety helmet.

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The chofer of the unit was held by elements of the FGJ to be forwarded to the Ministerio Público (MP), where the declaration will be made and the corresponding investigations will be carried out to clarify the case and avoid responsibility. The unit loaded the base tones and headed there Cuautitlán Izcalli area.

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