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Motorcyclist attempted to attack the target and ended up stunned with his own weapon: VIDEO

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It is not false when tenths of a century ago and in this new year, the levels of insecurity increase due to the fact that the workers and workers receive their aguinaldo, so that the criminal groups are targeting their victims to dispossess them of their belongings.

On this occasion we present to you a clip that has gone viral on platforms such as Facebook and motorcyclist intercept at one pareja para attack hereven remove a firearm to intimidate them.

Follow the text:

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However, one could never imagine the reaction of the crowd that until now had provoked thousands of reactions on digital platforms, most of them celebrating the response and taking the place of the attacker. To continue, we count on you who have learned from this video clips.

Asalto in Brazil exploits the social networks

These will take place in the year 2022, in the city of Sao PauloPertaining to Brazil, both victims were civilian doctors who were presumed to be waiting for a car to take them to their homes, until a man approaches them on a motorcycle and begins to amend them.

Immediately the man provides a distraction and sometime, the attacker retaliates various blows, to him who is also a woman. At the end, two professionals give her a shot that makes her hit the ground. From this moment he begins to receive double patadas.

The blows received by the aggressor were so blunt that his safety helmet ended up breaking through the ground. In the next steps the chick takes it and uses it as a weapon to attack the target on various occasions at the height of the head, which causes it little by little forget the harm of time.

Thief is caught with his own weapon

One of the most emblematic moments of the clip is when the guy unarms the attacker and hits him with the same thing, including the suit begging for mercy. Based on information from local media, doctors will circulate along the street until the motorcyclist treats them.

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