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Mothers buscadoras find a man who passed away 20 years ago

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I spent 20 years for that Mario Becerril López if it meets up again family where he was reported missing United States. This story that could seem like a thousand, was possible, in great measure, thanks to the work of the collective Madres Buscadoras de Sonora.

Today, last December 30th, Chickpeas Flores Armentafounder of the organization dedicated to helping missing people in life and death, has moved on Tijuana in the state of Baja California, with the objective of enter to Mario with his family.

“The thousands exist and this family is looking at them and many families in the country have seen them and we are always hoping that this thousands will happen in our family”, expressed Ceci Flores in one of her transmissions.

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How did the busty mothers meet Mario?

De acuerdo with Flores chickpeasfounder of the collection Madres Buscadoras de Sonora, Mario I can be located after 20 years of existence disappeareddue to the fact that the members of the organization are caught in life and will take photographs of the people who are in the conditions of the street.

As it was on one of their days, the organization met the man in a departmental business in Hermosillo, Sonora, and he was finally able to meet up with his family in Tijuana. Para ello, Flores Armenta I also recognized the labor that you were required to do by the authorities to the end of the señor Mario pudiera estar de nueva cuenta con sus seres queridos.

Through various transmissions made on Facebook by them collectiveit is possible to be tested as to how that moment was Mario I will return to being with my husband. In this sense, between hearts and hugs, the family reunion occurred just in anticipation of starting the year 2024.

For mothers to eat on holiday days: Flores chickpeas

Just like that Flores chickpeas and in the group there are people missing in life, they have kept him from dying, as happened this Sunday 31st December when the buscadora mother I met human rests on kilometer 88 of the 100-mile road Kino Bay.

“For us there are no holidays, for a mother there are no holidays… So let’s leave the year with a positive feeling”, said Ceci Flores.

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