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Mother asks her hija to tell her that her father abused her

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A young 18 years old sufrió a fuerte ataque part of above mama I owe it to who the woman is enfureció whereupon he confessed to her master habia abused sexually of her, for him, the mother of the young girl attacked her to take them fuego in a domicile located in La Paz, Bolivia.

When the teenager revealed the dress, her mother and her sentimental companions were insulting alcoholic drinksso that the woman will hear the accusation against her again, he returned water hot and he blamed it on the one who was seriously injured by the quemaduras that suffered on a large part of his body.

The mother took her daughter to a hospital. Photo: freepink

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Was the mother detained after her hija?

To receive the water again, the 18-year-old boy was taken to the Hospital of Clinics in La Paz in an emergency, where they examined her and diagnosed her first and second grade of the disease that she received from her mother. The victim was injured in her breast, on her chest and on her beak.

The attack occurred inside a house located in the city El Alto in the Bolivian capital, where the victim’s mother left a large bottle of water mixed with alcohol in the stove. After the accident, the mother who was under the influence of the embryonic drinks took her to the hospital, following information from the local media Los Tiempos.

The youth lasted from first to second degree. Photo: freepink

The jefe of Integral Family Care of the old school, Cristian ChipanaI informed him that the youngster “has first and second degree cracks on the upper part of his body”, so I wanted to ask for low observation, I said and agreed:

“The young girl reported in her statement to her health staff, that she was aware of the situation where her mother was consuming alcoholic beverages with her father, apparently she had a history of violence and that needs to be investigated,” said Cristhian Chipana.

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