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Morgue university hospital equivocates incinera corpse must be entered by family

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How incredible it seems, the morgue of the Grange University Hospital in the United Kingdom there is a misunderstanding that a family will receive a body that was not his dream and it turned out to be wrong incinerated. And it is that people received the corpse thinking that it was familiar and they made the necessary items for their shipment.

The first reports confirmed that the family did not know that the body was not in the family due to the fact that the cajón was kept closed throughout the journey. In this sense, the confusion of the staff of the institution was evident and when they said it, time had passed.

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The University Health Board offers apologies for confusion

The university confirmed that it was a human error. Credits: BDP.

Following the terrible misunderstanding, the executive director of the University Health Board Aneurin Bevan, Nicola Prygodziczoffered one excuses hacia las personas involucradas. Asimism, he emphasized in that the act was the result of what he calified as “a human error”.

In one of the initial statements quoted in the diary El Universal, Nicola Prygodzicz explains that the institution assumes responsibility for the misunderstanding. He agreed that now they had a meeting with their loved ones and offered them all the appropriate assistance.

What do you know about the people who were confused?

The family held a second funeral. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Given that the authorities of the involved University have reported that the error was an error occurred, it is appropriate to mention that they would still continue investigative correspondents as to what caused the serious confusion. However, until now the identities of the flawed people who, together with their families, were victims of the error have been revealed.

Please highlight what you read with information from the media Clarinafter the regrettable accidentthe family of the person who was to be cremated, carried out a second funeral process with the aim of sending to the person who really was the body of their querid person.

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