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Morena will be the opposition for the next sexenio: Xóchitl Gálvez

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In his last session as Senator of the Republic, he passed the license to the cargo, the virtual presidential candidate of the Frente Amplio por México (FAM), Xóchitl Gálvez Ruizadvirtió a los senadores de Morena that in the next sexennium there will be opposition, but in advance that there will be no revamp on one side, without dialogue.

From the tribune, the now senator with the license I say that, to win the presidency of the Republic without mentioning it directly, it will not be as bad as the morenistas were.

“I’m going to bring you a lot of love with all of you. Even if there is opposition, you must know that there is no revenge in me, with love for Mexico now extending my hand and willingness to dignified and respectful dialogue. Mexico doesn’t need everyone,” she indicated, aiming at the escapees of the morenistas.

The noblewoman assured herself that she was a member of the Senate with pride and “I say my full mission”. Now, due to the fact that on November 20th she trudges on her pre-campaign runs for the presidential candidacy of the FAM.

“Today I called the Mexican unity, let’s see the polarization and confrontation that have done so much harm to our country. Mexico is not good, things are not good, our country is lacking in blood and marked by abandonment in health and in the field,” he expressed.

In his expedition I said that the government squandered the opportunity and defrauded the trust of the people, “they were not able to reach the heights of the circumstances that the people of Mexico needed most”.


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