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More than 100 Guatemalans abandoned inside a home were found

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Tras sido abandonados suerte at the interior of a domicile in the location of Santa Ana, Sound101 migrants of Guatemalan origin were rescued by elements of the National Migration Institute.

In the operative partciparon elements of the National Guardthe Secretary of National Defense y de la Policía Estatal from Sonora, those who toast assist the people who meet inside the place.

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Block Mysteries and Internal Circuit for Migrants

Jesús Mendoza, the Mexican peluquero detrás de “La esquina de los venezolanos”

Confirma Fiscalía de Sonora death of three migrants in armed custody

“Elements of National Migration Institute, Sedena, National Guard and in state security they traveled to the indicated domicile and verified that they encountered nationals of Guatemala, so that the federal migration agents requested their documentation and confirmed that they were natives of that country.

Among the migrants there are 11 unaccompanied adults. Photo: INM

“It’s about 11 menores no companions, 12 families integrated for 27 people and 63 adults, 9 women and 54 men, even those who cannot be credited on a regular residence in the country”, detailed the federal annex in a press release.

Transfer to Central Americans to migratory office

Please check if you find it good state of health and offering water and food, the authorities moved to distinct sites for the minors and adults encountered there.

Adults were brought to migratory offices to resolve legal estancia in the country. Photo: INM

“The adults and family members were placed in the light of the National System for Integral Family Developmentso much so that adults were moved to the installations of the INM”, he concluded.

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