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Monica Soto Fregoso assumes the presidency of TEPJF

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This month, Magistrate Mónica Soto Fregoso assumed the presidency of the Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF) and confirmed that she was guaranteed the proceeded electoral federal of this year.

On the first day as president of the highest electoral body, Soto Fregoso made a progress through different offices, as I say that with the compromise of the cinco ponencias that conform the Superior room of this courtas well as with the dedication of the professional teams that work in this judicial body.

Mónica Soto replaces magistrate Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón Photo: Especial

Following reading:

Mónica Soto is designated as magistrate president of the Electoral Tribunal

Mónica Soto will finalize votes in the TEPJF

Mónica Soto recognizes the work of Reyes Rodríguez

The presiding judge also recognized the work of the magistrate Reyes Rodríguez MondragonOf course, if you are a high level jurist whose work is necessary for the good performance of this institution.

And it is that Reyes Mondragón tuvo that dejar the presidency of the TEPJF in an anticipated manner by the presidency of three magistrados that pidieron on renunciation to this cargo.

Reyes Mondragón dejó el cargo en 2023 Photo: Special

On a trip to the courthouse installations, in which I was accompanied by magistrate Felipe Fuentes Barrera, Mónica Soto left the presidency on the same day in which I had completed 30 years of uninterrupted service in the Mexican judicial system, in which it had escalated distinct levels until you get to this new load.

Furthermore, I expressed my commitment to bring all my experience and knowledge to ensure that the TEPJF is consolidated as the highest authority in electoral matters and is maintained as a referent at the global level as a judicial institution that innovates in the application of the law, with a view to consolidation Free and unviolent political participation is among women, as well as among different historically discriminated groups of the population.

Alongside its presidency, the TEPJF guarantees the continuation of the functions of the legal areas of the TEPJF, integrated by the five regional rooms and the specialized room, as well as the technical-legal and administrative areas.


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