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Mom and baby die to get on board and get into the car in New León

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A bodaone of the most hoped-for celebrations for many people, sadly ended in tragedy when a woman and her baby fail after they try huir of a persecution that God began outside the party hall called “Acueducto” located in the municipality of Juárez in the state of New Leon.

And it is that the mother arrived with her little girl while they were escaping from a group who registered outside the event enclosure at the moment when a group of various men entered the celebration with the aim of attacking one of them invited. However, in order to meet the person they were looking for, the attackers rounded up at least six of their assistants.

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How did I look at these people?

The driver of the taxi returned to the place with the support of the other men. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

The medicine from this Sunday 26th November was brought to the cabo la boda in the “Acueducto” salon of the colony Santa Monica. However, according to political rules, one of the guests took a nap with the driver of a platform taxi, who then helped other men who were waiting at the party area.

Thus it was as the attack of the first level was suffered and a persecution arose and an atom began to attack the people who were in the place. Let me mention that by this action, five people were injured, among them the dueño of the party hall, Esaú González Ariaswho is also the secretary of urban planning in the municipality of Juárez.

Before these hechos, some of the assistants of the boda They returned to their vehicles with the aim of withdrawing, but the attackers began to pursue them. In this sense, within a kilometer afterward, unfamiliar people hit a car that ended up spinning. In that unit came the mother and daughter who lost their lives just like other women.

What do you know about your mother and daughter who lost their lives?

Instead of these elements of the municipal police were included. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Until now, the fatal victims of this regrettable event have been identified as young people Yessenia Guadalupe Sosa of 20 years of age, as on little hija Sofia Nohemí Rodríguezwho was a little girl who lived for only one year and new months.

After that, municipal police officers responded to the tragedy and protected the area. Mientras tanto, unidad del Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) is trying to move his body Yessenia Guadalupe y de su hija al amphitheater of the University Hospital.

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