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Miles of women will not tend to be happy again, the violence of gender darkens the December holidays

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The common economic gases during the end-of-year period, influencing a response to the violence against women that occurred at the beginning of each year, signaled the secretary of the Substantive Igualdad y Desarrollo de las Michoacana Women (Seimujer), Carolina Rangel Gracida.

The official explained that this year, there are two times that increase the cases of violence in the female sex; The first season is during July – August, in the middle of the return to classes, because the purchase of school supplies and uniforms causes intra-family conflicts.

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They enter a woman without life in their department of Toluca, ready to be a femicide

The thief stole a woman’s cell phone and discovered that she was being raped by her peers, so he reported him in redes

Years ago, thousands of women are harmed, the majority of them are victims of their peers. PHOTO: Archive

Economic problems detonate violence against women

Subsequently, the second peak of gender violence was observed in December, due to the common gases of this era.

“In the holiday periods it usually increases violence a little also for coexistence but above all after the holidays in Verano and December it increases for economic issues.

Always the economic factor lamentably (afecta), because tenths that feminism is also capitalist because at the end of the day, this social pressure of having a return, of having money to pay for things increases violence,” he detailed.

Women usually suffer this aggression in their own homes. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

The black ticket is accompanied by the increase in help solicitations

It should be noted that for “the black question”, there is a greater entrance of women to the refuge with the one who mentions the Seizure for women who have been raped and their younger children, and including, I say space for training.

Rangel Gracida signaled that during the New Year and New Year holidays, the Seimujer will remain in operations to attend to female victims of violence. She noted that on December 25th and Black 01st the shops will be closed, but the telephones in the annexe will be available.

Collectives have united over the years to exact justice for those who are not. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro.

In Mexico there are less than 9 women a day

During 2002, less than three million 800 women were sold in Mexico, signed by the Inegi. The majority of her were victimized by her peers or by others. Most of the feminicides were brought up in places where the fallacies were inhabited.

The majority of people who committed this crime had a rank of between 25 and 29 years of age, in which 504 cases were recorded. As for those aged between 30 and 34 years of age, 488 were reported. The incidents with the most feminicides were the following:

  • Guanajuato.
  • State of Mexico.
  • Baja California.
  • Chihuahua.
  • Michoacan.
  • Jalisco.

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