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Miguel Layún retires from Mexican futbol, ​​and so celebrates his last championship

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Miguel Layún if he withdraws the futbol definitively, but he made it as a champion of Mexican football, and in the team of his loves, which gave him one of the most impressive careers of the last few years, from which he achieved copas, trophies, medalsby many fans.

The celebration was one of the most emotional ones ever had canchasand above all, in el Estadio Azteca. Henry Martinthe captain of the las Águilaswas responsible for getting along with him titlebut he invited his friend, Miguel Layúnto load together with this last log, star 14 of the Coapa team, which confirms them as the greatest in Mexico.

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Credit: MexSport – Adrián Macías

Who is Miguel Layún?

Miguel Layún He is a Mexican footballer originally from Córdoba, in the state of Veracruz. Surgió, de hecho, de la cantera de los Tiburones Rojos where he made his debut in 2007, but two years later he signed with him Atalanta Football of the Italian league, becoming the first Mexican player who passed through the same league, before the Chucky Lozano or Guillermo Ochoa.

One day he announced his return to Mexican futbol. He was Jesus Ramírez I’ll take it to México de vuelta. America was the one who took him up, the great opportunities, he was the titleholder, and the key to the esquema of Miguel Herrera, who led him to rise to the team, and took him directly to the championship against the Cruz Azul. It was Miguel who noted the penalty that decided the league.

Repeated the dose of the campaign in the year 2014, ya with it Turkish Mohamed in front of the team. His good results and gaming style will be returned to Europe, again with him Watford de la Premier LeagueLuego emigrated to FC Porto de Portugal where was the championship in 2018, jugó Champions League and I scored goals.

Gain three championships with America. Credit: Instagram

Miguel Layún: from Mexico to Europe and where to celebrate with America

Seville y luego Villareal from Spain their last teams were on the old continent before returning to Monterrey. He repeated the dose by converting it into the camp Liga MX In 2019, he became the monarch of the country Copa MX. He also won two championship leagues CONCACAF.

In 2021 announced on sale Rayadosand returned to the team of his loves, el Americawhere he met a large group of footballers, as well as the fans of the era Herrera or Mohamed which they described as always. From there, he established himself as one of the idols, until he logged this new one championship.

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