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Migration in the EU: Crossroads on the border with Mexico weaken Joe Biden

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The arrival of thousands of migrants proceeding from Mexico every day places low pressure on the states and the EU Federal Border Policy, a crisis that exposes the Democratic administration Joe Biden to the strong attacks of his republican adversaries.

Last week, the Front Police counted 10 million crosses per day, a more intense pace than in previous months.

More than 2.4 million migrants were intercepted by land between October 2022 and September 2023, a flow also higher than in previous years.

The authorities ensure that they are required to redistribute to their staff to concentrate it on the intercept and the migrant register.

After accusing Biden of “deliberate inaction” in the face of the situation, the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a controversial law on Monday that penalizes illegal immigrants in his state.

The law creates a “criminal crime of illegally entering a foreign country”, punishable by, between six months and 20 years of prison, in the event of reincidence.

The governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, considering herself a Democrat, also accused the Biden administration of “denying to do her job”, making her responsible in particular for the conflict of a step forward in her state. Hobbs announced on December 15th the sending of forces from the National Guard to the front.

The reasons for this recent influx are not so clear. La Policía Fronteriza blames the “misinformation desilada por traficantes de personas”.

On their way to Mexico, thousands of migrants are captured by criminal gangs or extortions by migratory agents. Various people have died in the Río Bravo.

The situation of the President is delicate before the progressive electorate, who hopes that a break with Trump’s policy will benefit immigrants, mainly those arriving from Latin America who are arriving there


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