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Migrant caravan “Éxodo de la pobreza” advances from the South of Mexico

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An extensa caravan de migrants with thousands of integrals it was captured when walking in the state Chiapas. For this year, the advance of the migrants is called “The Exodus of the Poor” and they try to reach the border with United States to live the name “sueño American”.

Previously, the Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de Estados Unidos (CBPby its acronyms in English), indicated that constant and constant monitoring of the advance information of the migrant caravan that advances together is maintained.

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AMLO announces that the migrant caravan has grown from 8 million to 528 million people

Migrant caravan pide truce in Mexico and EU; demanding work options

“El Éxodo de la Pobreza” advances from Chiapas to the EU. Photo: X @nelvaldez

EU monitors the migrants of “El Éxodo de la Pobreza”

The CBP stated that once the thousands of migrants searching for the United States front area are fragmented to avoid being encountered by the authorities of the United States, “the CBP will continue monitoring the actions in coordination with our foreign and interinstitutional counterparts, as we do here with previous movements of migrants”, I said in a press release for CNN.

According to the state dependency, the law of migrants continues to increase due to other factors in addition to the search for labor opportunity, the CBP reported to traffickers of trafficking in persons and other criminals to be those responsible for providing erroneous information to migrants to cross the border illegally.

When does the migrant caravan advance?

After Sunday 24th December the rising of the migrant caravan that left after that was recorded TapachulaChiapas, rumble at the Mexican fronts with the United States to negotiate illegal entry to the country governed by the president Joe Biden.

In one of the videos distributed in the social circles, we observe the advance of the migrant caravan “El Éxodo de la Pobreza” that travels rumbling towards the American sky while they cry out about the route they receive on the front without specifying the country to which it is refieren:

“We are not criminals, we are international workers who are missing from the red and are at the front because they have fallen into the black class”: migrant caravan.

Luis Villagrán, one of the organizers of the “El Éxodo de la Pobreza” caravan, said that he felt the “inhuman” and affirmed that “the only hope of these people is to rise, call for attention and decide that we are alive. The only one we ask for is work,” he said, quoted in the middle.

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