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MICROSISMOS MAP in CDMX: areas where the rocks are mostly located

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There City of Mexico This Tuesday, December 12th, three earthquakes were recorded that surprised the citizens due to the fact that the epicenter was in the capital of the country, so the system was not activated. Seismic Alert anticipating movements. The three earthquakes recorded today were of low intensity, although the inhabitants of this city were affected with intensity. It is worth noting that Mexico is a country with high seismicity because it occurs in about 80 earthquakes per day, according to a report from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Microseisms are frequent in the capital of the country and there are five places where they occur with greater frequencyÁlvaro Obregón Where was the epicenter of this December 12th is one of them joined with Benito Juárez, Magdalena Contreras, Coyoacán and Iztacalco, This has caused surprise and surprise to the inhabitants of these areas and people in the social circles have reported on various occasions that there are movements of high intensity like a shock of the earth. According to the National Seismic Service, telephone movements of this type are considered to be I can do ittherefore the Seismic Alert is not activated.

Thus the government official confirmed the three earthquakes of today. Photo: X

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Microseism recorded in the city of Mexico

Why are there microseisms in Mexico City?

As seismic activity is known in much of the Mexican territory and is very common, the National Seismic Service reports a progress of 80 times a day, However, earthquakes cannot be predicted in September, as many people believe, explained in December 2022, by Xyoli Pérez Campos, at El Heraldo Digital, the investigator of the Instituto de Geofísica de la UNAM.

Several microseisms have been recorded in recent days. Photo: Special

MAPA of areas where there are more microseisms in the CDMX

Not only in the city of Mexico are microseisms recorded, the inhabitants of Texcoco, the state of Mexico, were aroused by the feeling that the earth was moving below their feet, because during a span of two hours the earth vibrated beneath them. The Mexican municipality presented to the less five microsismos during the madrugada of Monday 22nd May. According to the National Servicio Sismológico Nacional, the first of them happened at 2:19 am in the morning, which had a magnitude of 1.7, whose epicenter was detected 1 km away from the Mexican area.

Experts in seismology of the Red ECOs, discounted that there is the possibility of having a “macroseism” with an epicenter in the capital of the country, so that the inhabitants of the capital should not fear a catastrophic earthquake with an epicenter in this city, even they stated that in science it is difficult to give a yes or no answer.

“The epicenters of microseisms are in the city and now what they have told us is, the history of microseisms shows us that they are not of great magnitude, but for this reason we are instrumenting and seeking more information and generating all the protocols Please keep in mind more information, but until now the history has told us that they are not of great magnitude”, explained the owner of the local executive.

The National Seismic Service has a map of the areas where most microseisms are recorded on CDMX. Photo: Special

What causes microseisms in Mexico City?

There Mexico City is a high seismic area due to what is located above it Falla Volcánica Transmexicana which causes small numbers of people in a regular manner in the capital of the country. Various reasons have been said about these causes as they are caused by subterranean works that have spread throughout the earth, such as happened on 16 July 2019 when the version of those works in the Metro caused the micro-earthquake of the 3.0 intensity. This version was clarified by experts here they devalued these causes, including government jefa Claudia Sheinbaum explained: “It is false that microseisms are due to human works that are on the surface such as line 12, recent constructions and the extraction of the metal.”

First of all, what causes microseisms? It is the liberation of energy from the geological faults that exist around the city of Mexico, as is the Falla Volcánica Transmexicana, the movement generates friction between the technical stops You know, microseisms that are rarely experienced by the inhabitants of the country’s capital. These low intensity earthquakes are usually recorded in a “seismic enjambre”, It is clear that you have several in a short time, because they are frequently of similar duration and intensity and favor the release of energy.

Capitalinos going up the streets before the activation of the seismic alert. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The UNAM explains that earthquakes can occur at any time of the year, and they are not related to any weather, it is false that more than in the month of September (October), they do not have to be aware of cold or heat, because The myth of the time when the rain was discarded can be dated at any time.

Are you still in the city of Mexico?

Luis Quintanar Robles, investigator of the Seismology Department of the Instituto de Geofísica de la UNAM Unfortunately, more earthquakes have been recorded in the city of Mexico and he explained that at most monitoring stations in the capital of the country they are detected in greater medium and in detail that the storms that originate in the Valley of Mexico are of low intensity, which is to say that they do not reach more than four degrees.

If you know that the eastern area of ​​CDMX is the highest seismic area, although they have also been registered in the western zone of demarcations such as Cuajimalpa, and more widely spread in the area of ​​the Benito Juárez hot spot. The Institute of Geology has located between 20 or 30 faults that are being mapped in this city, but they are not the only ones.

This is how the technical switches work. Photo: UNAM

Where are you most located in Mexico?

The areas with the greatest action in Mexico are located on the Pacific coast, above all within Jalisco and Chiapas off the coast, Oaxaca, Guerrero, just as in the Gulf of California, because these are located in contact with technical plates, Mexico is located in five: “Caribe”, “Pacífico”, “Norteamérica”, “Rivera y Cocos”.

Microseisms have been recorded in the Benito Juárez mountain in recent years. Photo: Cuartoscuro

In Mexico we have ten earthquakes larger than those we have felt in recent history. In a recent report by Forbes in 2021 the following stand out:

  • 8.6, March 28, 1787, on the coasts of Oaxaca
  • 8.2, Golfo de Tehuantepec, 7 September 2017
  • 8.1, Costas de Michoacán, 19 September 1985
  • 7.8, Sureste de Acapulco, 27 July 1957
  • 7.5, Ometepec, Guerrero, 20 March 2012
  • 7.2, Mexicali, Baja California, 4 April 2010
  • 7.1, Puebla/ Morelos, 19 September 2017
  • 7, Acambay, State of Mexico, November 19, 1912

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